news Charts for Android Available! 2016-03-19

Today Navigraph launches an Android app which allows subscribers to download Lido/RouteManual airport and enroute charts from Lufthansa Systems to be viewed, organized, and annotated on an Android device. The app also features video tutorials describing approach and departure procedures using the charts.

In October 2015, Navigraph reached out to the flight simulation community requesting to know if there was any interest for an Android version of the existing Charts software. In less than three weeks more than 1,000 simmers signed up and development migrating Charts from iPad to Android began shortly after. As of today, the Android app is available for download on Google Play.

The Charts software allows a registered Navigraph user holding an active subscription to download charts describing one of the 2,044 airports currently in the coverage. In addition to airport charts, the software also contains a world wide coverage of enroute charts, as well as video tutorials, all included in the subscription price. The charts can be organized into bookmarks, but also placed and freely rearranged in a navigation bar to prepare them in the specific order they will be used. The user may annotate airport and enroute charts with finger gestures. Charts Android supports all the functions present in Charts iPad and also includes some user interface improvements.

Registered Navigraph users with an active Charts subscription may freely switch between Charts Desktop, Charts iPad, Charts Cloud and Charts Android. Other simulator enthusiasts who wish to try the new Android Charts must sign up for a new Navigraph account and then subscribe to Navigraph Charts or Navigraph Ultimate.