news New Video Tutorials Available 2015-12-18

We have released a new set of video tutorials, covering five different approaches to various airports. Video tutorials are narrated in English and offer detailed instructions on how to complete procedures in different aircraft in a varying set of meteorological conditions. Video tutorials can be viewed directly in Charts Cloud, in the Learning Center tab in Charts Desktop or in the Charts iPad app.

The approaches included in this release are:

Boston ILS-15R: A Boeing 737 performs an ILS approach to RWY 15R at Boston (KBOS).

Nurnberg ILS-10: A Boeing 737 performs an ILS approach to RWY 10 at Nurnberg (EDDN).

Oxford NDB-19: An Embraer peforms an NDB approach to RWY 19 at Oxford (EGTK).

Stuttgart VOR-25 MISAP: An Embraer performs a missed VOR approach to RWY 25 at Stuttgart (EDDS).

Toulouse ILS-32L: An Airbus A330 performs an ILS approach to RWY 32L at Toulouse (LFBO).

The video tutorials are produced by the video production company VideoFlyRec in HD resolution and are approximately 9 minutes long each. An active Charts or Ultimate subscription gives full access to the video tutorial library.