news New Charts and Videos 2015-08-27

Airport and Enroute Chart Updates

The airport charts and enroute charts available in the Navigraph Charts Desktop, Cloud and iPad app have now been updated. This is the second quarterly revision of the new Lido/RouteManual charts provided by Lufthansa Systems.

To get access to charts in the Charts Desktop, Charts Cloud, or the Charts iPad app, a subscription is needed. A subscription to charts can optionally be bundled with FMS Data - the Navigraph Ultimate subscription. Charts Desktop (version 4) users are also required to upgrade Charts 5 in order to download new data.

There is a know issue with updating enroute charts in the iPad app. Please see for more information and a workaround.

New Video Tutorials Available

In addition to the above chart revisions, we have also released five new video tutorials. Two of these are in a new format compared to previous tutorials, in that they cover a specific concept of navigation in contrast to covering a specific airport departure or approach. The two videos of the new format explain how to navigate using NDB (Non Directional Beacon) stations. In addition, there are three tutorials of the traditional format covering approaches and departures: Edinburgh ILS-06, Birmingham SID-15 and Prague SID-24. The video tutorials are available in all Charts interfaces.