news Charts App for iPad Released 2015-06-11

The native iPad version of Navigraph Charts has now been released! Just like the Cloud and Desktop version of Navigraph Charts, the app provides a worldwide coverage and unlimited download of updated airport and enroute charts for all Navigraph Charts and Ultimate subscribers. The app also features an interface for streaming video tutorials.

Download the app to your iPad from the App Store:

The main motivation for developing a native iPad app in addition to the existing Charts Cloud, which also runs on mobile devices, was to improve the rendering speed by locally caching chart data on the device. In addition, the charts will be displayed in the same vector format as shown in Charts Desktop. Hence, the app will allow pinch-zooming down to the very details of the General, SID, STAR and Terminal charts.

The app features a tabbed interface which allows for quick reordering of open charts into a preferred sequence. The tabs are color coded to quickly find STARs, SIDs, and other types of diagrams. Furthermore, an annotation mode will allow users to scribble finger gestures on top of the charts to highlight points of interest.

Navigraph Charts iPad

The app also makes use of the Favorites and Clips functions introduced with the Charts Cloud. A special feature of the iPad app is a function to load all charts in a clip into separate tabs for immediate access. The method also works in reverse; all open tabs can be saved as a clip.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Download the app from the App Store,
  2. Login using your Navigraph account. If you are not a Charts or Ultimate subscriber, you may access 3 demo airports (ENAT, ZJSY, KSAN) before subscribing here:
  3. Wait for the indexes to load.
  4. Open the main menu by pressing the top left button or swiping from the left edge.
  5. Navigate to an airport. It will download on first access.
  6. Click a chart to open it in the current tab.
  7. To open a chart in a new tab, tap and hold the chart and select "Open in new tab".



Annotation tool

Press the pencil button in the top toolbar to show the annotation panel. Select a color and draw on the chart. To remove a line, tap the pointer button and tap the line to select it. Tap the trash button to delete the select line. If no line is selected, the trash button will remove all lines.

Show / hide toolbar

Tap and hold the currently displayed chart for a short while, about half a second.

Working with tabs

The currently selected tab is highlighed in light grey. When a chart is selected in the main menu, it will by default open in the selected tab. To open a chart in a new tab, either long press the chart and select "Open in new tab", or press the "+ Add tab" button in the tab panel to create and select a blank tab.

Press and hold a tab to enter tab edit mode. In tab edit mode, the tabs can be reordered by dragging, and closed by pressing the red "X" button. To exit edit mode, long press a chart again.

The tab panel can be minimized (not showing thumbnails) by pressing the top left arrow button in the tab panel. To completely remove the tab panel, long press on the chart itself in the main view (not in the tab panel).

To close all tabs, press the close all button in the bottom left of the tab panel.

Load from / save to clip

All charts opened as separate tabs can be saved into a single clip. Press the save to clip button in on the left edge of the tab panel. Save as a new clip or overwrite an existing one. To load an existing clip into tabs, open the main menu and go to the Clips section. Select a clip. Press the load all button in the top toolbar. The new tabs will be appended to the currently open tabs. (To close all tabs first, see the "Working with tabs" section above.)

Support and feedback

Please give your feedback or ask for help in the Charts iPad support forum,