news Airport and Enroute Chart Updates 2015-06-09

The airport charts and enroute charts available in Navigraph Charts Cloud and Charts Desktop have now been updated. This is the first quarterly revision of the new Lido/RouteManual charts provided by Lufthansa Systems.

In addition, the new revision will restore some previously missing enroute charts in southeast Asia (ME 5-7, AS 9-15).

If you have previously downloaded enroute charts using Charts Desktop, you will need to re-download these due to a change in chart identification. The old charts will show up with a question mark (?), right click these and select "Delete from local database". Then download the new enroute charts.

To get access to charts in the Charts Desktop, Cloud, or the upcoming iPad app, a subscription is needed. A subscription to charts can optionally be bundled with FMS Data - the Navigraph Ultimate subscription.