news Expanded Cycle 1301 released! 2013-01-29

An expanded revision of 1301 cycle is now available in the FMS Data section.

As a result of merging more data sources we offer a new and expanded coverage for cycle 1301. More details can be found in the Coverage section.

As usual, if you have already purchased the previous revision of 1301, downloading this new revision is free.

Please note that we currently have two payment systems in use, one for credits and one using money. For all questions regarding changes in pricing and changes to payment systems, please refer to the forum FAQs.

Each cycle costs 20 credits, independent on the number of addons/downloads you make during that cycle. Using the new payment system, you pay EUR 4.90 incl. VAT.

We also offer an annual cycle package (13 cycles) for 200 credits - a 23% discount compared to purchasing each cycle individually. Conversely, using the new payment system, the annual package is available for EUR 24.90 incl. VAT which translates to a 61% discount.

Moreover, users who have finished their credits may also purchase a four cycle package to the price of EUR 14.90 incl. VAT which corresponds to a 25% discount. For more details on pricing, see the Pricing section.