news New Video Tutorials available! 2014-12-12

We are proud to announce an 13th set of video tutorials in Navigraph Charts! The new videos have been produced in widescreen format, high resolution and using streaming technology. Video tutorials are narrated in English and offer detailed instructions on how to complete procedures in different aircraft in a varying set of meteorological conditions. Video tutorials can be viewed directly in Charts Cloud ( or in the Learning Center tab in Charts Desktop (

Five tutorials have been released in this new set, in addition to the 93 published previously. In addition, one teaser video (December 2014 Video Teaser) has been published. Check out this teaser to get an overview of the new videos, and also for video quality and Internet connection speed checks. The teaser can be viewed in Navigraph Charts and at

The new tutorials cover both Approaches and Departures at various airports including Acapulco, New Orleans and Barcelona. The video tutorials have been produced by VideoFlyRec, a Spanish video production company, using chart material provided by Navigraph. More information about the tutorials can be found at

One new video covers the following departure:

1) Napoli SID-06
A Boeing 737 performs an instrument departure from RWY 06 at Napoli (LIRN).

Four new videos cover the following approaches:

2) Sevilla ILS-27
A Boeing 767 performs an ILS approach to RWY 27 at Sevilla (LEZL).

3) New Orleans ILS-10
A Boeing 747-400 performs an ILS approach to RWY 10 after a go-around due to a runway incursion at New Orleans (KMSY).

4) Acapulco VOR-28
A Boeing 737 performs a VOR approach to RWY 28 at Acapulco (MMAA).

5) Barcelona ILS-07L
An Embraer performs an ILS approach to RWY 07L at Barcelona (LEBL).

Each video is approximately 8 minutes long in 1280x720 pixel resolution (720p), and costs 4.90 EUR incl VAT (3.92 excl VAT) to download. Users with an active annual Charts Subscription will get access to these new videos at no extra cost!