news A Linux version of FMS Data Manager 2014-01-29

Navigraph FMS Data Manager for Linux is now in public beta! If you are a Linux user you may download and install from here. We provide installer packages for both the Debian package management system (e.g. Ubuntu) and RPM (e.g. Fedora and openSUSE).

When you start the FMS Data Manager on Linux it will ask you to specify the path to your X-Plane installation. If you do, its addons can be automatically detected and updated. You can also setup the path to a FS9 or FSX installation if you have shared its root folder from a Windows machine. In this way, you can use a Linux system to manage your FS9/FSX addons across a network.

Please report any feedback in the Linux Beta Testing section of our forum. Please both report problems, feedback, and also if everything is just working fine.