news Navigraph Charts Subscription! 2013-06-13

Navigraph Charts Subscription is here! Pay once a year and get unlimited access to all airport charts, all enroute charts, and all video tutorials! Introductory offer 49.90 EUR incl VAT (until June 23) for one full year of unlimited downloads! To get started, download Navigraph Charts 4.1 and purchase the Charts Subscription.

In our continued efforts to make Navigraph Charts a simple and intuitive tool for viewing and organizing aeronautical charts we are now introducing the possibility to subscribe to all data. Instead of searching for individual airport to download, all airports are now available in the navigation menu as if they existed locally on your computer. Navigraph Charts quietly downloads the data you need in the background.

While you can still see your transfers in the Download Manager, the airport search function has moved to the menu (or shortcut via Ctrl+F), and the airports can also be browsed via the navigation menu. Green airports are downloaded and updated, yellow airports can be updated if you wish, and grey airports are not downloaded yet – but all of the data is available to you at any time so ultimately it’s you who decide when and how to perform your updates.

Currently, the database holds more than 34,000 charts and it is continuously increasing as they are updated every three months. The airport coverage is shown on this map and more information about update frequency can be found on the Data page. For instance, it is now possible to query our database to check if/when an airport was updated, e.g. Our next chart revision (Batch 32) is expected next week, but there is no need to defer the subscription purchase until then as subscribers can update their charts any time they like - one of the main benefits with the subscription model!

Until the June 23, 2013, new and existing users are offered to purchase an annual subscription at EUR 10.00 discount (17%), for EUR 49.90 incl VAT (39.92 EUR for customers outside of EU). (Regular price 59.90 incl VAT.) As a token of appreciation we also offer a discounted subscription renewal to the loyal customers who renew their subscription before the old one expires. Yes, you have to renew the subscription manually yourself. We will not charge any recurring fees and there is no unsubscribe date for you to keep in mind in case you only want to try for one year.

Some points to keep in mind:

  1. Only Navigraph Charts 4.1 and above supports subscription. Please update your Navigraph Charts software.
  2. The subscription can be purchased in part with credits, but only for users who have 100 credits or less on their accounts. Users with more than 100 credits have to spend these before purchasing a subscription.
  3. The Online Restore Data function will not work because a subscription effectively does the same thing.
  4. Charts downloaded during a subscription period are available also after the subscription period ends, but cannot be restored via Online Restore should you have any computer failure. You may, however, backup it manually to a file and restore the file.
  5. While subscribed, you cannot select multiple airports for download within Navigraph Charts. You will have to click then one by one as you need them. This is to maintain bandwidth for all users during the release of new revisions.
  6. We have compiled a text on how the charts are updated. Please review the Data page before you purchase your subscription.
  7. You may only purchase one subscription extension at a time.
  8. During one year, you get access to data from at least four chart revisions, possibly five.
  9. For users with connected credit card or connected PayPal accounts, please review your maximum spending limit before performing this purchase.
  10. FMS Data is still sold separately. This subscription only concerns the data downloaded through the Navigraph Charts software.

And lastly, it should be noted that Navigraph Charts will still continue to operate in the same ways it did before, accepting payments for individual charts or videos using credits, manual settling of Pending Payments, or Automatic Payments through connected credit cards or PayPal accounts. It is no requirement to update to a subscription plan in order to maintain the standard functionality of Navigraph Charts. As always, we are standing by in the support forum should our registered users have any questions: