news FlightSim Community Survey 2018 Results 2018-12-19

The results from the largest and most comprehensive survey in the history of flight simulation is now available via this blog post.

15,000 Respondents
15,000 respondents took the time to answer 77 questions relating to pretty much everything within flight simulation. It covers demographics, as well as simulation preferences and habits. This year the survey also incorporated specific questions on Virtual Reality. Moreover, partnering organizations were invited to contribute with questions of particular interest to them. One such example is the use, perception and preference of freeware versus payware.

Available to Everyone
The results are shared openly with the community for everyone's benefit. Each partnering organization is also receiving a customized report presenting their user group in respect to the total community to promote development and recruitment of more pilots to the flight simulation hobby.

You can get your own copy of the survey report via this blog post or directly via this link.