news Charts Released 2017-09-24

Following one year of development, and two months of beta testing, Navigraph is proud to announce the release of Navigraph Charts, a software which gives flight simulator enthusiasts access to a worldwide coverage of Jeppesen charts on (currently) 6,800 airports. We have put in a lot of work in the new Charts. In addition to a more contemporary and intuitive user interface, the new version has been improved with the following features:

- Jeppesen charts
- Day and Night mode
- Moving maps
- Flights
- Pinboard
- Dynamic, interactive and searchable enroute charts
- Decentralized server structure

Read more about the features here.

To download, go here.

On display here to the right is Navigraph Charts Cloud, which can be accessed from any web browser. However, Charts is also available for Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices.

You may try Navigraph Charts in demo mode without a subscription, but you need to register in order to get a user account.

In case you need help, come see us in the support forum.