FMS Data

FMS Data FMS Data is a general purpose dataset used for in a wide array of applications ranging from flight planning systems in the operations office to various navigational and performance systems onboard. Subsequently the data contains a massive amount of information to determine not only location of airports and waypoints, but also surface type and slope of runways, the layout of airport gates, navaid frequencies, holding patterns, obstacles close to defined routes, and much more.

Navigraph has provided FMS Data since October 2006 after the merger with Richard Stefan of NAVData-Service* who had previously worked on similar datasets since 1999.

Our FMS Data is sourced from Jeppesen, a professional navdata provider for major airlines worldwide. The source data is tested and parsed into different data formats adapted to specific addon software (full list here) designed to increase the realism of flight simulation. To get started, read more about the coverage and check our subscription options, and when you are ready you can download data in the various addon formats using the FMS Data Manager software. You may also download individual data installers from here, although this is not the recommended option.

Since our Charts are also from Jeppesen, and are also updated each AIRAC cycle, using Navigraph's services for both FMS Data and Charts will result in the best possible match between data and charts.

We release new FMS Data according to the AIRAC cycle which is numbered YYNN (where YY is the two last digits of the year and NN is the cycle number). A cycle is 28 days, thus there are 13 cycles in a year. The table below contains the planned release dates for the next few years.

112 Jan10 Jan9 Jan8 Jan7 Jan5 Jan4 Jan3 Jan
29 Feb7 Feb6 Feb5 Feb4 Feb2 Feb1 Feb31 Jan
38 Mar7 Mar6 Mar5 Mar3 Mar2 Mar1 Mar28 Feb
45 Apr4 Apr3 Apr2 Apr31 Mar30 Mar29 Mar28 Mar
53 May2 May1 May30 Apr28 Apr27 Apr26 Apr25 Apr
631 May30 May29 May28 May26 May25 May28 May29 May
728 Jun27 Jun26 Jun25 Jun23 Jun22 Jun21 Jun20 Jun
826 Jul25 Jul24 Jul23 Jul21 Jul20 Jul19 Jul18 Jul
923 Aug22 Aug21 Aug20 Aug18 Aug17 Aug16 Aug15 Aug
1020 Sep19 Sep18 Sep17 Sep15 Sep14 Sep13 Sep12 Sep
1118 Oct17 Oct16 Oct15 Oct14 Oct13 Oct12 Oct11 Oct
1215 Nov14 Nov13 Nov12 Nov10 Nov9 Nov8 Nov7 Nov
1313 Dec12 Dec11 Dec10 Dec8 Dec7 Dec6 Dec5 Dec

*) NavData ™ is a trademark registered by Jeppesen Sanderson which is why we collectively and generically refer to all navigation data intended for the FMS as FMS Data.