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The Lido/RouteManual chart data in Navigraph Charts Desktop, Charts App and Charts Cloud is supplied by Lufthansa Systems and is updated every second AIRAC cycle (i.e. about 6 times per year). Please see the table below for current chart count. For a further explanation on our data processing policy, please read below the table. Please remember, our data is for flight simulation only.

For the current coverage, see this page. To lookup the revision history for a specific airport or enroute chart, scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Update Frequency
Airport and enroute charts are updated approximately on a quarterly basis, i.e. four times a year. This means that with a yearly subscription, you are at least guaranteed four updates.

WEF Date
WEF means With Effect From and is the date printed in the top margin of each chart. It denotes the date from which the chart is taken into use. If a chart has a very old WEF date it could mean one of two things, either the airport has not seen any changes which warrants any updates for this particular chart, or simply that the chart is out of date.

Reasons for Outdated Charts
A chart is outdated when a more recent version of an official chart, describing the same part of the airport, differs from the chart provided by Navigraph. There can be three reasons why Navigraph charts can be outdated. They are (ranked in descending order of plausibility):

  1. Firstly, since official charts are updated with 28 days interval, and Navigraph charts are updated on a quarterly basis, a Navigraph chart can be outdated for, in worst case, 90 days.
  2. Secondly, since Navigraph simply copy the chart repository of a data provider and do not directly order the data provider to draw airport charts, the current coverage is reflected by the joint demand of the provider's current customers. This means that if the provider does not have any customer requesting a particular airport, it will be updated until it comes back in demand again.
  3. Thirdly, if an airport change takes place shortly before a new Navigraph chart revision is released, we will not be able to reflect this change until we receive a new batch from the provider.

How to Detect an Outdated Chart
The short answer is: We cannot detect outdated charts. This is a fairly complicated procedure, but we shall try to explain it best we can here below. For the sake of this explanation, assume that airport charts can be divided into A) charts which we know are outdated and wrong, B) charts which we don't know whether they are outdated or not, and C) charts which we know for certain have just been updated.

Logically, using only Navigraph data, we cannot determine if a chart is outdated. Since the authorities do not report airport changes to us we cannot check to verify that the changes have been reflected in the charts. The only way for us to know is through reports from our users followed by a verification in official sources. Only then can we know for certain that a chart is outdated and is a chart of type A described above. We then try to find the reason for the outdated chart to decide if this should be reported to our provider or not.

If an airport has not had any significant changes for a long time, the WEF date may be suspiciously old eventhough no update is needed. In our database, this airport will have a suspiciously low batch number although it might still be fine. There are the charts of type B.

Every time we release new charts we also update the coverage page. If you click the red airport markers in the interactive map you can see in which batch the particular airport was updated. If it has been updated in the currently released batch you can be fairly certain this is the latest version of the chart, namely a chart of type C. However, the first and third reason for an outdated airport listed above could still interfere since this possibility occurs due to the fact that the data provider may publish with an interval which doesn't sync with Navigraph revision intervals.

How to Make an Informed Decision
We find that, in most cases, our charts are up to date. We receive very few complaints about outdated airports. A possible reason for this is that our users tend to have a set of favorite airports for which they receive news through other sources. Thus they know when to expect updates. However, if you are interested in following an airport and would like to check its update record to determine whether it currently is prioritized by our provider, please use the form below.


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